About Us

TONY ESTRADA - Principal

Tony founded tonyontheweb in 2002. Growing up in Southern California, Tony was exposed to art, culture and design at an early age. He studied Communications at the University of California at Santa Barbara, and soon began working with the Mednick Group in Los Angeles. It was here that Tony began to fashion his own design aesthetic. Under the guidance of marketing and design veteran Scott Mednick, Tony worked closely with an elite team of designers and learned the complex process and psychology of brand marketing. Tony’s clients are his biggest inspiration. Tony’s focused background has given him extensive knowledge of design and marketing, yet he holds the belief that it is his clients who truly dictate their own intrinsic message. Tony uses his creative vision to develop and fine-tune a client’s image, ensuring that it is a clever and sophisticated representation of that individual client’s best and truest qualities.


FRED LAVIZADEH - Senior Developer

Fred is the senior front end web developer at tonyontheweb. In 2009, he changed his career path from sales and marketing to his passion - web design and development. He has been programing interactive websites for a variety of web platforms (Responsive Design). Fred’s user interface design and sales and marketing background perfectly compliment his programing skills.


RANDY MATTHEWS - Senior Programer

Randy is a software engineer, specializing in the PHP scripting language. Randy graduated cum laude from Southern Oregon University in 1997, with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and a minor in Mathematics. Randy has been programming for over ten years, working on a diverse portfolio of web sites. He has helped tonyontheweb clients realize their vision of custom built software solutions.


ELLEN PARIS - Content Creation / Copywriter

Ellen Paris has worked as a business journalist, personal finance columnist, luxury lifestyle editor and public relations consultant for over twenty years. Her career includes twelve years as a staff writer for Forbes Magazine, author of the “Management Smarts” column for Entrepreneur Magazine for four years, contributing writer for Palm Springs Life Magazine and editor of Palm Desert Magazine where she handled all aspects of the publication from; initial story concepts to art direction to working with writers and photographers to editing to final product.

In-depth research is one of Ellen’s strengths, which she then turns into lively and informative copy. She has also worked with the USC Marshall School of Business and Claremont McKenna College penning articles. Having spent the last decade in public relations, Ellen knows “both sides of the desk” as journalist and Public Relations Director. Ellen brings her broad experience and expertise to tonyontheweb as she creates the “jewelry” for all client content.


PATRICK HUTCHINGS - Video Editing / Production

Having worked at several respected post production facilities in Los Angeles, Patrick Hutchings enjoys a twenty year career in videography, video editing, graphic motion design and sound mixing. Patrick’s technical skills have a solid theoretical foundation. His post-graduate research at USC’s Annenberg School for Communication centered upon the design of media messages to evoke measurable emotional responses by drawing upon primordial social value systems to influence human behavior and value choices.



Christy wears several hats at tonyontheweb. Besides handling all accounts payable, this year she has taken over all outside sales and marketing. Christy has over a decade of sales and business management experience and we are glad to have her on board. She is also a wife and mother of two beautiful daughters and yes, she is Tony's sister.